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Winter Skin Care for Babies and Kids

Winter Skin Care for Babies and Kids

Winter skin care for babies and kids can be a tough process of figuring out what works.

Dealing with my boys dry and cracked skin has not been easy. Add in rashes and Dermatitis (eczema) and you have one desperate momma, willing to try anything!

After many trials and errors, I can confidently share the skin routine and products that have given my sons the help their skin needs

Overall, their Winter skin care routine includes:

  • Night time care
  • Morning care
  • Dressing for the weather
  • Hydration

Addressing these four areas properly helped to bring dramatic results to my son’s Winter skin care challenges.

Night time care:


When my youngest son was around 7 weeks old, he had a terrible rash on his face that was actually causing skin discoloration.

infant facial rash
Cyrus at 7 weeks with facial rash doctors believed to possibly be cradle cap on his face.

I was pretty careful to not put products on his face and used mostly water to wipe his face as needed.

But with the constant scratching and rash on his cheeks I knew we needed to try some options to help his face clear up.

After talking with his pediatrician, we then started with a gentle and mild cleaner for his face. We decided to use baby Dove tip to toe wash sensitive moisture.

baby dove body wash

One of the things I like most about this soap is that it states it is fragrance free and suitable for eczema prone skin.

I liked the results so much, that I now also use this on my 2 year old.

I apply a very small amount onto a small washcloth and gently wash their entire face. Next, I rinse with warm water and allow to air dry.

Baby Dove does not over-dry their skin and leaves it soft and clean.

On nights that I bath my younger boys, I like adding bubbles to their bath.

For bubbles in their bath water I use Babo Botanicals Calming Baby Shampoo & Wash.

natural body wash for kids

Planing Winter skin care for babies and kids doesn’t mean you have to skip “nice” products to use for you baby or big kid.

Babo Botanicals shampoo & wash is a great find that I picked up from Marshalls. (Which by the way is a great place to find skin care products to try at deep discount prices and if you love them you can always order them online.)

Babo Botanicals products start at $13.00 and upwards $20.00+ (whew!)

Thanks to Marshalls, I picked it up for $8.00!


Once my boys faces are washed, moisturizing at night has been a huge game changer.

But here’s the trick. Moisturizing with lotion is not enough in the Winter months.

For my older boys, we lather on a combination of Shea Butter and Aquaphor at night. Paying extra attention to their lips.

With my 3 month old I use a thin layer of Cerva Moisturizing Cream. I add a small drop of hydrocortisone if needed to help with any rash flare ups and this does the job.

shea butter for kids

*If your child struggles with dry, chapped or cracked lips loading up on the moisture at night makes a big difference.

I am a little brand loyal with these skin care products because I use them and know that they work well with my children’s skin.

I know there are cheaper options available but these products have been tried and proven.

kids skin care routine

Moisturizing oil

Once they are done with nighttime baths, I complete their nighttime skin care routine with Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil.

The scent is light and not overpowering and made with lots of natural ingredients. This moisturizing oil contains organic calendula, sweet almond oil, and sunflower oil.

It’s also paraben, colorant and mineral oil free!

I like using the Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil for massages for my baby as well.

Specific skin and bath products make great non-toy gift ideas for babies. (Check out the entire post here).

Morning care:


There are some parts of a Winter skin care for babies and kids were less is best.

I’ve found that not over washing my kids faces helps to prevent over drying in these colder months.

This also helps not to strip their face of all the natural and added moisture from the night before.

This is why in the mornings, I simply wipe their faces with warm water only.

Really, how dirty could their faces have possibly gotten while sleeping?

Warm water and a clean wash cloth is all we need in the mornings.

Moisturize, again

Adding this additional generous layer of moisture in the morning seals the deal to help fight against dry Winter skin.

When I was only moisturizing in the morning it was not enough to combat dry skin. But, combining moisture both at night and in the morning is what truly helps.

Dry skin has not been a major concern for my infant so far. But following these steps and moisturizing with Cerave has helped to prevent and minimize any breakouts on his face.

Dress warm:

kids hat and gloves

No Winter skin care for babies and kids is complete without essential Winter gear to keep warm of course, but also to fight against dry skin.

Keeping my kids skin covered and protected from the harsh winds does help tremendously.

This is one of the reasons I thrift so many outer Winter garments because I know pieces may get lost throughout the season.

I create a stock pile of the Winter outerwear during the warmer months, so when Winter arrives we are prepared.


We are a water household all year long. Not only is it healthier, but it also saves money on our grocery bill too!

I keep a water dispenser easily accessible so the kids can drink all throughout the day. We encourage water as the kids choice of beverage and try to save juice and soda for eating out, or special occasions.

The Ultimate Replenisher published a very detailed and informed article on the importance of hydration.

It’s easy to not focus on hydration during the colder months. But our bodies need to stay fully hydrated all year long.

We like giving our children a reusable water container they can fill up and use throughout the day.

Paying attention to a child’s water consumption is key for Winter skincare for Baby and kids because our skin is our largest organ we have. Keeping it well hydrated with water is critical for fighting dry skin and more importantly, overall health as well.

Nurturing and creating solutions for my children’s skin has been quite the journey.

Surprisingly, each child’s skin concern has been different. But, they have all benefited from following this similar routine to help improve their skin.

Dealing with skin concerns in children can feel frustrating at times because nothing is instant, and you have to experiment with different products and see what works with your child’s skin.

Not to mention how easily the cost of all those products quickly add up!

There were time I felt overwhelmed by what felt like unsolvable skin problems with my children.

But with time and the right combinations of a Winter skin care routine I am actually happy with the results.

Here are the key points of our Winter skin care routine:

Night time care:

  • wash – aim for products with natural ingredients suited for their specific skin types
  • moisturize – stick with what works
  • use quality effective products – don’t skimp here!

Morning care:

  • wipe with plain water – don’t over wash
  • moisturize again – this step is very important

Other essentials:

  • dress properly from head to toe – create a Winter stock pile
  • hydrate with lots of water – kids still need a lot of water in Winter months too!

Until next time.

Happy reading.


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