Walmart’s Parent’s Choice Diapers can be an effective affordable option for your little ones still in diapers.

Many stay-at-home / homeschooling parents love finding little ways to save when it comes to their family budget.

So if that’s you and you’re considering a more affordable diaper option then today’s post is for you!

I was once guilty of thinking Walmart’s store-brand diapers were cheap and non-effective.

But, after deciding to give them a try I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised.

parent's choice diapers

Are Parent’s Choice Diapers Walmart’s Brand?


Parent’s Choice diapers are Walmart’s store brand.

Walmart has many Parent’s Choice hygiene baby product items to choose from.

Are The Print Designs Unisex?


The prints are animal and nature-inspired so they work well for boys or girls.

So, 1 case of diapers could definitely be shared between siblings for boys and girls.

How Is The Texture Of The Diaper?

The feel of the diapers is not as thick as Honest Company, for example.

But, they are less bulky and more similar to the feel of Pampers.

Soft and smooth while still providing a secure snug fit.

Walmart also states their diapers as extra soft and made with breathable materials.

In my experience, this is very true.

The DRYNOW core inner lining is also made with soft absorbent material. Not mesh material like some diapers.

How Well Does Parent’s Choice Diapers Work?

maty's organic baby diaper rash relief ointment

When it comes to performance, they have actually held up well!

At the time of this post, Parent’s Choice diapers have over 10,000 parent reviews averaging a 4.2 out of 5 stars review.

The wetness indicator is accurate. Even when there is the smallest amount of wetness in the diaper.

The secure stretchy side panels are very effective for helping with leak protection.

On the Walmart product website, they also state their diapers provide up to 12 hours of leakage protection.

For as long as we have been using Parent’s Choice, we have not experienced any blow-outs or leakage.

My son’s clothing has never been wet due to poor diaper performance.

With most diaper changes we use Maty’s Organic Baby Diaper Rash Relief ointment.

By us using a thin layer of Maty’s barrier ointment with the Parent’s Choice diapers my son’s diaper area has been rash-free.

(I’m not suggesting you have to use Maty’s barrier ointment to prevent diaper rash with Parent’s Choice diapers I’m just sharing the routine that has worked for us).

The diaper tab fasteners are very strong and we never experienced any ripping or tearing when we fasten his diapers.

We have also never experienced any loose strings, or the diaper tearing at the seams when wet or soiled.

Walmart has also added labeling on the front of the diaper to show you when it’s time to move up to the next diaper size.

What Are The Available Sizes?

The Walmart brand diapers can be brought in newborn size all the way up to size 7.

Parent’s Choice also makes training pants, similar to Pull-ups but at a lower price point.

You will also find Walmart’s Parent’s Choice nighttime underwear for bigger kids as well.

Walmart has made sure to cover all your diapering needs in every stage from newborn to big kids.

Do Parent’s Choice Diapers Have Latex In Them?


Walmart has listed their diapers as dermatology tested and made without natural latex, lotions, fragrances, and perfumes.

Some parents feel Walmart has not done the best job listing the full ingredients on their packaging or product website that are in their diapers and fear there may be nasty hidden ingredients.

As a parent concerned for your baby’s sensitive skin you have to do your research and make purchases you feel most comfortable with.

As parents, the decisions we are most comfortable with often tend to be the better decisions for us.

But, Walmart has made it very clear what’s not in their diaper ingredients.

Is Parent’s Choice A Good Brand?

In my opinion, and in my experience with Parent’s Choice diapers and training pants yes.

I have experience with many expensive diaper brands.

Some are very popular brands and some are almost exclusive for parents who are in the know.

Although some diapers are very cute in design, described as extremely natural or eco-friendly, and made with plant-based materials, I’ve experienced leakage, ripping, and literally falling apart at the seams with some of these diaper brands.

And, some brands of disposable diapers are more than triple the price of Walmart’s store brand.

Basically, it comes down to personal preference.

The only hesitation I had prior to using Parent’s Choice was that since it was the store brand it would not be as effective.

But, I was wrong.

So far, Parent’s Choice has done the job of keeping the pee and poop in the diaper without any rashes, leaks, or blow-outs.

You Can Save In Your Family’s Budget By Switching To Parent’s Choice Diapers

The price comparison is very hard to beat.

Here’s a quick comparison example between Parent’s Choice and Pampers:

pamper's and parent's choice diapers comparison chart

Since diapers are truly one of a baby’s must-have commodities, figuring out the most budget-friendly and effective way to diaper your baby is important.

For the most part, they will be wearing them for about 2 years or so.

Maybe a little more or a little less.

Nonetheless, diapers will be in your budget for a while whether you choose to use cloth or disposable.

Parent’s Choice Diapers Are Easily Accessible

One reason why I gave in to the temptation to purchase Parent’s Choice diapers is that they are extremely convenient to grab a box while on one of my regular Walmart runs.

At my local Walmart, I can buy groceries, homeschool supplies, toilet tissue, and diapers.

All in one stop.

And Walmart’s many buying options make buying diapers even easier.

You can find Walmart’s Parent’s Choice diapers nationwide, online, and on Amazon.

Take it from me if you are a parent who wants to add a little simplicity in your shopping routine, cut down on the cost of the diaper expenses, and feel confident that your baby or toddler will have a pleasant diapering experience then you may want to consider giving these tried and trusted diapers a try.



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