Ready to take the reigns of your child’s education while nurturing them?

andrea felder

With all the curriculum choices, homeschooling styles, and activities, homeschooling can feel a bit – no extremely overwhelming.

You’re a parent who wants to learn what’s needed and what’s not, so you’re not wasting time, money, or energy on all the wrong things.

Oh, you’re just in the right place.

You have morals and values you want to make the foundation in your homeschool.

That’s where I come in.

Homeschool coach, ready to help you design your homeschool step by step.

I’m Andrea, and I specialize in helping parents new to homeschool design their homeschool program according to what they value most without stressing over curriculum.

I’m a homeschooling mom with over seven years of experience, ready to help you make your homeschool dreams and journey a success!


managing family

Most days, I can be found in my kitchen trying out a new recipe, exploring a local park, or planning our next homeschool/family adventure.

My life is complete between my husband, children, online business, and homeschooling.

I’ve always dreamed of a way to be home with my children while accomplishing my passions.

I love being a wife and homeschooling mom!

When I can squeeze in some”me time,” I enjoy:

  • reading
  • organizing
  • thrifting
  • watching HGTV or anything homemaking related
  • decorating/creating a cozy home for my folks

With my parenting certification and years of consulting services experience with one of Maryland’s leading family advocate organizations for family support, I have a solid foundation to help parents quickly combine their parenting priorities with their homeschooling goals.

I empathize with parents homeschooling children with learning challenges – that’s a part of my journey.

I have a keen sense of knowing how to avoid homeschool pitfalls and recognize what to focus on in homeschool.

This has been my full-time calling for over seven years.

I can not wait to help you start your journey.


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