Hey, I’m Andrea!

You probably have to squeeze out a couple minutes to read this. Because as almost any parent will tell you, we all are super busy and treasure the precious commodity called time.

So, let’s get to it!

As a wife, homeschooling mom, speaker and blogger learning how to manage my time has been crucial for my sanity, productivity and enjoyment of life. But, learning how to manage my home and do it on a budget has become even more important.

Motherhood is a gift that I do not take for granted. God has blessed me to be able to have 5 healthy pregnancies without any complications. And over time, becoming a full time stay home mom. Explore the journey of homeschooling. And, most recently starting a new chapter of entrepreneurship.

But as wonderful as all of this sounds, there have been many learning curves and rough patches along the way.


Less than a year after my husband and I married, I left my job to become a full time stay home mom. We did this with no savings, no long term plan, and quite frankly not with a whole lot of knowledge of the huge undertaking it takes to become a one income family.

Even during times when our income didn’t change, I learned how to become more efficient, creative, and prudent in order to manage our home on a budget.

I began to learn how to be creative with what we had. And one of the most important homemaking skills of all. Learning how to cook healthy, home made meals (from scratch).

Parenting, home management and cooking from scratch have become some of my most passionate and creative outlets in my life.


Over time I begin to strategize on ways to make our income stretch. Plan and budget for our expenses. Create savings goals. No longer associate fun with only spending money. Cook more at home. And one of my most favorite strategies of all… declutter things, activities or anything else that only added stress and chaos to my life.

I learned how to practically manage our finances, and home on a budget that did not take away from us, but actually added to us. With less clutter and better organization, it actually allowed us more freedom to enjoy each other and activities we truly enjoyed. I learned that becoming stewards about how we spent our money was also a huge missing piece of our faith as well.

We didn’t make any big drastic change. But over time each little step turned into another step in the right direction. Ultimately leading to big changes.

I’ve been so grateful and inspired by the progress we made and continue to make that I decided to share my story and journey with the world to help others who desire to manage their home and create a lifestyle at home they love! Even if it doesn’t look possible.

When I first started out, there were many homemaking skills I did not have nor was I good at handling money. If someone like me can learn new skills. I’m convinced that anyone can.

And by implementing great systems and routines, that helped me realize how good home management frees more of my time, makes me more feel more confident and be the most creatively resourceful parent I can be!


I want to share encouragement with parents (especially moms) who deeply desired to be the parent they know they always could be, but just need some inspiration to help them along the way.

I learned very quickly to be humble enough to seek help when I needed it. And keep and open mind to learn something new. Although I’ve come quite a long way from the mom I was in my early days. I still have days when I need encouragement or don’t do everything perfectly either. It is days like this that I realize how important friends and true community are.

Also, what better way to continue to hold myself accountable than by sharing my process publicly!

I am continuously adding content and resources to provide readers with lots of help right at their fingertips. Here is what you will find on the blog:


Home management is the foundation of our mission. Being able to create systems that will allow you the smoothly manage your home. Within home management we share on topics such as creating an organized home, schedules & routines, decluttering, simple living tips, natural cleaners etc.


Meal time can be one of the most stressful and expensive categories in the home. Cooking food from scratch is not only healthier but can also save on your budget. Surprisingly, cooking from scratch has also become quite relaxing and somewhat therapeutic! We share recipes, grocery shopping tips, and ways to save on groceries.


Ultimately, this is our big “why”. This is why we want to manage our homes. Save on our budgets. And spend our time wisely. Not for the mere purpose of perfection, but because we want to have more time to focus on parenting our children. Nurturing, teaching and loving our family. And not bogged down with constant, overwhelming house work. In our Parenting section we share about babies & kids, school age children, home school, taking care of you and family. As challenging as parenting can be at times, being a parent is one of the most honorable titles one can hold. To be given the tasks of raising a caring, loving and responsible human being is not easy. But getting tools to help us simplify our home life can definitely help ease the load of the daily parenting trenches.


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