These planning tools changed me and my home!

-Andrea Felder
You can happily manage your home!

As I began to implement the tools and strategies in this planning kit it changed who I was as a person and a parent.

I learned how to see my home as a gift that I’ve been blessed with.

A gift that I’m able to raise my children in. The source where my marriage thrives. And, my private escape from all the noise and distractions of life.

Our home is the place we go to for rest, safety, growth and most of all love.

But for years I allowed stuff, clutter, too many clothes, too many toys, and too high expectations to rob me of what home was supposed to be about all along.

That’s what the Happy Home Manager Planning Kit has allowed me to discover. My purpose and pleasure of managing my home.

The reality of enjoying managing my home and raising my children is a dream that has come true!

You see, over the years I’ve learned that it is not perfection that makes you a happy homemaker but it’s knowing that the work and effort you put out every single day matters.

I realized that everyday I have an opportunity to teach my children something new. Create an updated space for us to gather in. Or prepare an “elaborate” meal for us to enjoy as we enjoy each other.

I stopped looking at managing my home from a negative mountain that I had to tackle all day long but instead taking homemaking one moment at a time.

For example, when I’m homeschooling…I’m homeschooling. I give myself permission to only be in that moment. Yes, I had to learn how to give myself permission.

Because we all know how the moment we try to focus on the task at hand our minds can easily be flooded with our to do list going 1000 miles per hour.

But, I learned to say no. Right now, this is what I’m doing. And, I tell myself I’m right for making that decision.

This new mindset applies for my home management in general. If I’m organizing my file cabinet at the moment I’m right for making that decision too.

This new way of thinking was a secret that I was missing for many years. Understanding that home management makes up all the small choices I choose to turn my house into the home that best serves our family.

That meant managing our home within our family’s budget and not imitating based on someone elses finances.

That meant being grateful for what I have in this season. Yet, still giving myself permission to work on my dreams.

My home management became a journey that I have embraced versus many frustrating tasks I dread.

So that’s my story. What’s yours?

If you’re ready to begin a new process of happy home management then you’ve found the right place!