Easy Healthy Spring Smoothies

Easy Healthy Spring Smoothies

As we are combating the pandemic of the Coronavirus, I’ve started strategizing more ways to not only stay sanitized but also boost our family’s immune health. Easy healthy spring smoothies has become a part of our solution!

And, Not only are these easy healthy spring smoothies absolutely delicious, but they can be made on any budget.

And, made to suit any palate.

Thanks to stores like Aldi’s these easy healthy spring smoothies are more affordable to make because of the amazing prices of their frozen fruit.

frozen strawberries

With all the uncertainty that many families are facing especially in the area of finances looking for ways to stretch and maximize your grocery budget is at the forefront of many families.

If you’re like me, you probably hate throwing out unused produce.

And, struggling to get a toddler to eat all their vegetables on their plate is no fun either.

But, these 3 spring smoothies will go so fast your fresh vegetables won’t even have time to rot.

And, these smoothie ideas will help win half the battle of getting younger children to eat their vegetable.


fresh bananas

I think we all can agree, in our personal life being proactive is far better than reacting to health concerns.

Each day I take the time to create a healthy delicious smoothie for myself or family I’m mindful that this is not just to satisfy a taste but, an intentional step in providing a layer of protection against sickness.

Although I’ve never been a coffee drinker, starting the day with a refreshing smoothie is more my style.

You can find the latest USDA daily FRUIT and VEGETABLES recommendations on their site. You can follow their daily recommendations as a guide for more smoothie ideas.

As new viruses arise globally and within our communities, parents all over are thinking a lot more proactive when it comes to children’s health.

What better way to help boost your child’s immune system than by serving up some vitamin and nutrient power packed smoothies that are yummy and delicious.

And, these easy spring healthy smoothies are right in time for the spring and summer season.


For the sake of evenly distributing fruit and vegetable in each smoothie I used 1 cup of each fruit and vegetable.

frozen blueberries

With the exception of the spinach, I simply topped off each smoothie with a fist-full of spinach.


1 cup of strawberries

1 cup of blueberries

1 cup of pineapples

1 cup of carrots

1 cup of bananas


easy healthy spring smoothie


Even if your children are not huge fans of spinach, blending spinach with sweet fruit makes it much more enjoyable to eat.

This strawberry smoothie is mixed with carrots, bananas, pineapple chunks and spinach.

For the liquid I used about 1 cup of 100% Libby’s pineapple juice. You can adjust the juice content in this smoothie as with any smoothie to your preference.

blueberry smoothie


This blueberry smoothie is paired with spinach and pineapple juice.

This blueberry smoothie is not as sweet as the strawberry with multiple fruits, but it is definitely tasty enough to hide the taste of spinach for any picky eaters.

*You can always add health supplements to your smoothies to give it an extra boost of health benefits as well!

apple smoothie


This apple smoothie consists of apples, carrots, spinach and pineapple juice.

After making steamed apples for breakfast one morning, we froze the remaining apples.

The frozen apples worked very well with the other ingredients. And was a great alternative for the apples not to go to waste.

Fighting colds, viruses etc. from the inside out is one of the best defense mechanism at keeping everyone healthy.

These smoothies have become family favorites in my house from toddler to teenager.

I did initially tell my toddler he was eating “healthy ice-cream”. (Don’t judge me) lol

My teenagers love them because as they have gotten older, they are a bit more interested in making some healthier food choices.

And as an adult, I find it much easier for me to consume my daily recommended amount in one smoothie instead of trying to consume the same amount over several meals in a day.

healthy smoothie

So, as you are trying to creatively stretch your family’s food budget, and increase your family’s health these easy healthy spring smoothies are sure to solve both problems!

*For even more creative ways to menu plan and grocery shop check out these 5 strategies that actually work…(no coupons needed)

Until next time.

Happy reading,


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