Easily Add STEAM To Your Homeschool with The Brown Toy Box

Brown Toy Box Steam Kits

Does teaching science in your homeschool scare you? Well, it doesn’t have to. You can easily add STEAM to your homeschool without complicated textbooks or becoming a science wiz.

Easily add STEAM to your homeschool by incorporating experiences, hands-on projects, and convenient STEAM kits.

STEAM Kits are making it easier for parents and teachers to facilitate complete science lessons for kids.

STEAM kits help make learning fun and meaningful for children of all ages.

What Is STEAM Education?

STEAM education is an educational approach to learning that uses science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

In the past, STEM was the acronym, but the ‘A’ was recently added for arts changing the acronym to STEAM.

What Are STEAM Toys?

STEAM toys are curriculum-based toys or products designed to help prepare children to learn more about science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

STEAM toys should keep children engaged while they have fun and learn.

STEAM toys are very hands-on and allow plenty of room for creativity and imaginative play.

There should also be age-appropriate learning discoveries and challenges for children to solve.

STEAM is the beginning of creating a foundation for all-around learning.

Easily Add STEAM To Your Homeschool With STEAM Kits.

As Homeschoolers, we enjoy the flexibility of meeting our child’s educational needs by making adjustments as we need to.

We know when to shorten a lesson or add additional resources to help the assignment go well.

And it’s always a bonus to bring materials alongside the curriculum to help the lesson come to life.

And for our children who need more hands-on interaction and opportunities for creative thinking, STEAM KITS and STEAM toys help make this possible.

Today, most kits come with kid-friendly instructions, most or all the materials you need to complete the project, educational reading materials, and an open-ended play project to assemble.

These kits make it easy for you to open and go and facilitate the material with younger children or allow older children to work alone.

No more having to create a lesson plan, think of a project idea, and purchase project materials.

Your child can have so much fun learning through play that it won’t even feel like schoolwork.

In today’s post, I want to share an educational toy company helping parents upgrade their child’s science experiences with STEAM themes learning kits, and purposeful play products.

What is Brown Toy Box?

Brown Toy Box is an educational toy company that focuses on creating toys, books, and learning materials to provide STEAM education while making learning fun.

In the beginning, Brown Toy Box was launched as STEAM kits alone.

Over time, Brown Toy Box has evolved into a full-scale educational toy company!

Its mission is to ensure cultural representation and diversity are a part of the Brown Toy Box collection.

They believe that all children should be positively represented, even in the toy aisle!

Meet The Dadisi Academy Crew!

Dadisi is the Swahili word representing innovation, independence, determination, courage, sincerity, and activity.

Brown Toy Box characters consist of the Dadisi Academy Crew.

The characters attend the Dadisi Academy and are great for introducing children to limitless future STEAM career options.

The back of the product packaging has a complete list of all of the crew members with their STEAM interests.

Introducing my children to the Dadisi characters was surprisingly one of my favorite parts of the learning kit.

The crew members are great for piquing children’s interest in STEAM.

You can read more about the Dadisi crew members’ personalities here.

What’s Included Inside The Brown Toy Box Astronomy STEAM Kit?

My children enjoyed the Brown Toy Box Astronomy Kit!

The Astronomy Kit was the perfect indoor activity for a non-busy homeschool afternoon.

Astronomy Kit Contents:

The star of the kit was the D.I.Y. telescope.

Once assembled, the kids would have been satisfied playing with just that for the entire after afternoon.

The kit also includes a constellation mapping activity.

The featured constellations are Lynx, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Cepheus, and Camelopardalis.

More kit contents were:

  • Dre figure cutout
  • Foldable space scene
  • Glow in the dark constellation ceiling stickers
  • Astronomy Activity Book
  • Dre Puzzle

I enjoyed watching my boys interact with all the parts of the Astronomy kit. But, to my surprise, my four-year-old was able to complete the Dre puzzle by himself multiple times.

Once again, another reason to enjoy the challenges that STEAM toys will present to young minds.

These Brown Toy Box STEAM educational toys allow for playing while engaging young learners in critical thinking skills.

The Dre puzzle, for example, can help children with fine motor and hand-eye coordination.

While completing this puzzle, children learn the concept of “whole” while understanding that each piece of the puzzle is part of the bigger picture.

Children are sharpening shape recognition, concentration, goal setting, patience, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment once complete.

There is so much educational value within each kit.

Can Children Complete A Brown Toy Box STEAM Kit Independently?

If your child is an independent reader, your child will be able to complete the entire kit alone.

The activity booklet requires reading comprehension and writing skills

If your child is a pre-reader, your child will need your assistance. But, because there are items that provide open-ended imaginative play, such as the puzzle, telescope, or space scene, you can explain how these should be used.

Once explained, younger children will be able to play independently as well.

Would I Recommend Brown Toy Box STEAM Kits?


I would recommend these kits because they work well as a stand-alone lesson or as an addition to any STEAM subject in your homeschool.

There are infinite ways to use the material, the contents of the kit are reusable, and each kit provides a pathway to the possibilities of pursuing a life in the career field of STEAM.

Exploring the Brown Toy Box STEAM Kits is one way to easily help you add STEAM to your homeschool.

And the kits are a lot of fun!

Want to learn more about Brown Toy Box?

To learn more about the creator and founder of Brown Toy Box, read here.

Target is a proud partner of the Brown Toy Box products that you can purchase here.


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