Cricket Magazine For Kids

Cricket Magazine For Kids

Cricket Magazine for kids has become a great addition to our homeschool reading and learning materials.

And honestly, I think you will enjoy them too!

If you have been struggling to find supplemental educational reading material for your child Cricket Magazine is a choice your family will appreciate.

Although Cricket magazine is not necessarily for me but my son, I’ll admit that I get excited to see the latest issue arrive in the mail each month.

Whether the themed magazine is travel, insects, musical instruments, or more I know it’s filled with enriching information to include in our homeschool for another month.

It’s nice to know there are other reading options besides traditional books for children to read and engage with.

There are some kids who much rather prefer novels, long chapter books, or book series.

And for others, they may find more interest in newspapers, magazines, or comic-book-style reads.

Cricket Magazine falls into the latter but with a twist.

This classic magazine is jam-packed with educational articles, fun factual news, and interesting learning activities all within its’ pages!

Homeschooling can quickly become overloaded with digital resources since there are many online and virtual options available.

But, I gladly welcome this print reader into our homeschool as my son can explore, touch, and feel the pages.

Our monthly subscription to Cricket is a perfect fit for our homeschool.

We can read through several articles and cover multiple topics with a sense of starting and finishing in one sitting.

Cricket Magazine For Kids

Some people may wonder if Cricket Magazine still exists.

This is because there has been a slight name change to Cricket Media.

The original Cricket Magazine was founded by Marianne Carus and published in 1973.

The readership of Cricket Magazine has continually grown and is filled with very satisfied customers.

And if you’re curious to know who owns Cricket Magazine / Cricket Media, they are owned by the Carus Publishing Company.

All the work in Cricket magazines is original stories, poems, folktales, comics, and illustrations.

And, a yearly subscription to Cricket Magazine includes 9 publications with common storylines within each magazine.

You could also have an opportunity to write for Cricket Magazine as they also accept article submissions from their readers.

High-Quality Reading Material For Children

Cricket Media provides an educational magazine that is engaging and informative for children to read.

Cricket Media has found a great balance for sharing facts and scientific information that focuses on S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) while still making it enjoyable with colorful, kid-friendly artistic pictures.

Along with tons of excellent reviews and comments from parents all over the world, Cricket Magazine for kids is also a consistent recipient of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award.

With a passion for promoting critical thinking skills, inspiration, and educational curiosity Cricket Magazine is Ad-free allowing for a fully high quality, age-appropriate content children’s magazine available for children ages 0-14.

I love that children can simply enjoy a magazine without sales being pushed.

Cricket Magazine is committed to building children’s confidence and creativity all while learning is taking place.

What Age Is Cricket Magazine For?

Cricket Magazine has made it extremely easy to shop and navigate which magazine option would best fit your child.

Cricket has created subtitles categorized by age groups which will help you choose the most fitting magazine for your older age-reading child or your little ones who are still non-readers.

For children ages 0 – 6yr.:




learn more

For children ages 6yr. – 9yr.:



learn more…

For children ages 9yr.- 14yr.:





learn more…

Is Cricket Magazine Good?

Our experience with Cricket Magazine has been great!

Each article has plenty of photos to help tell meaningful, educational stories while keeping the reader’s attention.

Cricket Magazine does a great job providing helpful supporting details in each story while teaching a well-rounded academic lesson.

With well-developed, and age-appropriate concepts for every magazine, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your child!

What Else Does Cricket Media Offer?

Cricket offers several additional enrichment resources for children in traditional classroom settings.

Cricket Together is a safe virtual 1:1 e-mentoring program geared towards children ages 3-8 yrs. old.

The mission of Cricket Together is to empower children to unlock their full personal and academic potential.

E-mentoring Try Engineering Together focuses on getting children and staff excited about STEM with 1:1 mentoring.

STEM articles are read between the child and mentor with related learning activities, then the child and mentor exchange letters about the STEM article.

E-pals experiences are created to help teachers and students in classrooms all over the world connect virtually.

E-pals focus on creating a global community by inspiring, challenging, and empowering kids through worldwide classroom connections.

With the end result of children becoming more globally aware and increasing in empathy.

Language Learning Resources are available for adults and children.

Cricket provides high-quality instruction for 11 world languages.

The lessons are provided in private induvial lessons for students, group classes, and corporate training

Cricket Math Tutoring

Cricket’s Math Tutoring Services offers private 1:1 online safe and secure video conferencing tutoring.

Services are available for children in grades K-12. Individual support for practice work, test prep, homework help, skills review, SAT preparedness, and enrichment services.

You can check out more about all of Cricket’s programs here.

How We Use Cricket Magazine In Our Homeschool

When it comes to including Cricket Magazine in our reading rotation “fun and light” are the words that come to mind.

We plan time in our schedule to read our Cricket Magazine weekly in our homeschool.

Wednesday is our Cricket Magazine reading day!

Although reading Cricket Magazine could be done daily as well if you prefer.

Because my son is still fairly young, I included an element of structure to make sure he’s getting through the magazines consistently.

Every Wednesday he gets to choose which story he wants to read through.

He reads through his story of choice and then I allow him to naturally ask any questions

He’s given the liberty to choose any story from any Cricket issue we have.

I don’t make it mandatory to read through 1 entire magazine before switching to another.

My priority is for my son to enjoy and absorb the information without any extra pressure.

I use Cricket Magazine as a tool to not only share knowledge but to also help my son continue to build a love for reading.

One day out of the week, when we get to focus on reading from a magazine instead of a book adds a healthy dose of anticipation.

More Ideas For Cricket Magazine In Your Homeschool

Here are some ideas to help you incorporate Cricket magazine for kids in your homeschool.

  1. Written or oral summarization is good to help children articulate the information and understand how they processed the article they read.
  2. See if your child would like to further investigate what was read. After discussing the article see if your child would like to check out some books from the library on the topic.
  3. Complete a unit study/science project based on a favorite topic within the magazine.
  4. Allow the Cricket magazine to be a special time for reading. Try adding a special snack, creating a cozy space, or allowing magazine reading to substitute regular homeschool reading.
  5. Include Cricket magazine in your yearly curriculum plans
  6. Allow specific articles to be additional resources for the homeschool lesson you’re currently studying.
  7. You can strengthen your child’s vocabulary skills by using the dictionary to define new words they’ve read within a Cricket Magazine article.
  8. You can practice map skills by finding new places on a map that are discussed within an article.
  9. Your child can research job titles found within an article.
  10. You can help your child create a Cricket Magazine journal to keep notes, ideas, and inspirations in.



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