Starting our back to homeschool year with curriculum from Memoria Press allows us to homeschool with enriching, quality learning materials.

My days of homeschooling prior to using Memoria Press were interesting, to say the least.

I often would just pick up random books that I would see for sell in thrift stores, or I would use donated books that seemed to be okay.

Now that is totally fine to start with.

But, over time as you gain more experience homeschooling and better understanding your child’s needs, you can begin to fine tune and choose a curriculum style that works best for them.

When I cam across Memoria Press, I knew this was the perfect fit for my son.

I love how the pages are not too colorful and busy with tons of pictures but simple and straight forward.

Of course we love the Christian aspect that is interweaved throughout the curriculum as well.

And the overall classical education model makes this curriculum feel gentle and steady.

I have been a long time reader of their catalog The Classical Teacher.

Their monthly catalog was very helpful getting me aquatinted with the curriculum choices they offer for core subjects such as math, english, science, and history.

As well as other subjects such as art, music, classical studies, phonics, spelling, writing and much more.

In 2019, I made my first purchase and never looked back!

I transitioned my homeschooling method of purchasing random learning materials to using Memoria Press as a solid one stop for our homeschool curriculum needs for my older son.


Preparing for a new homeschool year is exciting knowing that it’s a fresh start for everyone.

Although, we do complete many tutoring hours during the summer our fall learning officially starts with a fresh homeschool year.

I have not been disappointed with the products or ordering services through Memoria Press.

For example.

Rod and Staff is our math curriculum that we purchase from Memoria Press.

My son enjoys how simple the workbooks and textbooks are easy to follow.

Within the curriculum level for 5th grade there are strong lessons on:

  • Numbers—Place value to hundred billion, decimals to thousandths, factoring and prime numbers.
  • Measures—Metric system: basic units and prefixes, changing units.
  • Fractions—Multiplying and dividing, understanding ratio and proportion.
  • Geometry—Finding volume, introduction to lines, points, and angles.
  • Percents—Fraction-decimal-percent equivalents
  • Graphs—Line graphs

A speed drills booklet and chapter tests are also included provides a timed drill for every second lesson.

The teacher’s manual and answer sheets are also included.

There are several other different math options to choose from.

There is also a homeschool community within the Memoria Press Forums.

You can ask questions, and meet other homeschooling families who are using curriculum for Memoria Press.

We also regularly enjoy additional resources to help with skills creative writing, handwriting, and spelling.

Shipping is quick and accurate as well.


MP was originally founded by Cheryl Lowe and her son Brian in 1994.

Cheryl Lowe authored many popular Latin programs.

As head mistress she lead Highland Latin School in to national prominence.

And in Today’s Woman Magazine’s education category, she was named “Most Admired Woman.

Mrs. Lowe passed in 2017, but her legacy continues on.

Today MP is a family run business.


Memoria Press characterizes their products by 3 categories.

  • Simplicity
  • Quality
  • Affordability

They also follow a Classical Christian Education framework.

This framework is cultivated around wisdom, and virtue through meditating on the good, true and beautiful.


A popular sale that is held specific times throughout the year is “free shipping” for the month.

However, sites like Rainbow Resource offers Memoria Press and other curriculum at a slight discount.

Memoria Press also stands by their products with a great 60 day return policy if needed.

You can always contact them to find out about any upcoming sales.


The process of starting or beginning a back to homeschool year requires a bit a of planning and decision making.

Whether you have a preschooler ready to begin homeschool preschool.

Or, a school aged child ready (or almost ready) to bring summer fun to an end and get back into the routine of homeschool.

This is an exciting time of year.

If your child was previously attending public school, start by letting them know your intent to homeschool by following your state’s proper school board channels.

I would also highly recommend checking out HSLDA’s website that is very information regarding homeschool state laws throughout the country.

Last, once you understand all the legal information, now the fun begins!

As a homeschooling parent, you can take advantage of all the great back to school sale ads too.

Because this time of year you will typically see rock bottom prices on supplies like:

  • Backpacks
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Paper
  • Notebooks
  • Copy Paper
  • Ink pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Lunch bags – If it’s easier for you, you can still pack your child’s lunch even as a homeschooler.
  • Rulers
  • Markers
  • Pencil pouches
  • Copy paper

As you prepare your home for back to homeschool, you can store and organize your bulk supplies.

Finalize your curriculum choice.

And map out your homeschool schedule.


Take snap shops of First Day photos.

Decorate your homeschool room or space.

Have a first day of school picnic.

Celebrate the first day with an ice cream social.

Have a special art or craft for the first day.

Cook a special first day of school breakfast or dinner.

Gift your child a special first day of school basket.

Exchange first day of school letters between child, siblings, mom and dad.

Bake a special treat.


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