25 Shame Free Ways to Save

25 Shame Free Ways to Save

These 25 shame free ways to save are helpful and timely.

Not a financial analyst? No problem.

And what’s more important is you don’t have to feel ashamed for making frugal decisions in order to stretch your budget.

No matter what your budget is today these 25 tips can help it go further.


I love the feeling I get when I know I scored a really great deal on something I needed to buy.

Or, how satisfying it feels to say “no” to fast food and stick with my decision to cook dinner at home.

Does this sound like something to be ashamed about? Absolutely not.

Finding ways to save money on your budget should make you feel accomplished and wise.

This should also fuel your motivation because you’re headed in the right financial direction.


For some reason frugality has gotten a bad rap.

Frugal is often associated with poor, cheap, or shabby.

But, I strongly disagree.

Being frugal does not mean that you are financially inadequate.

Or any less than your parent peers.

It simply means that you want the money you have to last longer and go further.

At least that’s the game plan I use.

I’ll admit that I used to feel this inward feeling of inadequacy because I felt like “I was the only mom in the group” who seemed to have to budget and give a lot of thought about how we spent our money.

I also really used to struggle with feelings of guilt when I would have to tell my kids “no” to something they wanted to buy, but I knew it wasn’t in our budget to do.

But, with time and wisdom I got smarter and realized that being frugal just means having a plan.

Whether big or small, having a plan for how we wanted to spend our money meant being frugal in some areas so that, we could be more free in other areas.

For example, not eating out during the week so we could enjoy a birthday dinner at a restaurant over the weekend.

Decisions like this may not seem huge at the moment but, saying “no” to those little outings so we could enjoy a more meaningful outing instead is well worth it.


I get it.

Saving is hard.

Especially as a mom when the market is flooded with products designed to make your life easier. Clean you house faster. And provide hours of entertainment for the kids!

But, with a plan, some degree of discipline and saying “no” to many of the glittery temptations you don’t have to totally bust your budget.

These 25 shame free ways to save are tried and true.

And some can be implemented today.

Here are a few tips to try if you are finding it extremely difficult to start saving money.

  • Talk to your spouse or trusted friend about your spending challenges
  • Go to the store with only cash. You’ll only be able to buy according to your cash on hand.
  • Further research financial topics such as consumerism
  • Try a small challenge to yourself like a “no spend” week, month etc.


mom and son cooking from home to save money
  1. Cook from home and plan your meals. I know we’ve all heard it a million times. But cooking from home really does save so much money.

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2. Buy second hand when possible. Of course this doesn’t apply to everything. But, you can find some really great quality finds at second hand stores.

3. Use sunlight during the daytime hours. Cut off the lights and open the blinds and let the sunlight through!

4. Become (at least, somewhat) of a minimalist. Even if you don’t minimize in every area. Minimizing the number of items in at least a few areas will help curb that desire to want to buy more and more.

5. Use community resources. There many programs, free classes, trainings etc. that are designed to help their community. Check out your state’s, city’s or county’s website to see what’s available for you. And nowadays, many programs are still functioning virtually!

6. Utilize the Library. There is so much more to your local library besides books. Movies, tutoring, audio books and tons more. There are even awesome virtual online resources as well.

7. Buy reusable. A few years ago I made the switch from paper to cloth napkins. Dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. Once again small changes, that can add up.

8. Try cheaper grocer stores. We all have our favorite grocery stores that we prefer. But when you want to find ways to cut cost exploring cheaper store options can be a win for your budget.

9. Stock pile shop. If we haven’t learned anything from this pandemic one lesson is the importance of keeping a decent size stock pile. Go ahead and stock up on essential items when you find great prices on them.

10. Explore free or low cost leisure activities. We all may be saving a lot in this department since we’re not going out much these days. So enjoy popcorn and a family movie night. A family exercise challenge. Or a neighborhood stroll.

father and son on walking trail to save money and stay active

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11. Buy more water instead of sugary drinks. Water is a cheaper and healthier option. Save your dollars for nutrient packed food and skimp on the sugary drinks.

12. Shop end of season clearance sales. Who really knows that’s considered “last season”?

13. Pay cash as much as possible. Cash sets a much stricter limit on how much you can buy. I stay away from credit and pay cash instead.

14. Steward your gas. Lately, my strategy has been to fill up once and manage my gas for two weeks.

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15. Choose energy efficiency. Not quite ready to go out and upgrade all the appliances? Start with small projects like choosing energy efficiently lightbulbs, shower heads or energy saving window treatments.

16. Repurpose what you have. With extra time at home, organizing is a great way to stay productive. But, before running out to buy all new organizers try repurposing items you already have.

17. Save with purpose. It is much easier to say “no” to one thing so you can say “yes” to something else. What better way to practice self-control to experience something you actually want.

18. Get organized. Getting organized helps you strategically shop and know exactly what you’re spending money on. Pay better attention to financial details. And, make better clear minded financial decisions. Even organizing areas like the children’s toys is a great way to know when and if it’s necessary to buy more toys.

Easy Toy Organization

19. D.I.Y. basic home repairs. There are definitely repairs you want to leave to the professionals. But, thanks to online tutorials you can learn to D.I.Y. many home repairs.

20. Review your utilities. Double checking for correct rates and fees is always worth the few extra minutes it takes. Go a step further and call to see if there are budget programs you can sign-up for or recommendations on how to save on cost. Don’t hesitate to present price comparisons or inquire about new package offers.

21. Practice patience. Practicing patience is a better money saving strategy instead of making consistent impulse shopping. Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s something you need to buy. Save your money and practice waiting to purchase what makes good financial sense for your family.

22. When appropriate, ask for a discount. Our second car we recently brought we were able to purchase for 1200 less than the asking price simply by asking for a discount. We knew the car needed some repairs so we negotiated the price. Don’t be afraid to ask for a price reduction when you think it’s appropriate.

23. Invest in quality. The beauty of all this budgeting is to be able to invest in quality when it matters most. Whether that means purchasing a quality piece or a quality experience.

24. Practice good hygiene. Hand washing (off course), flossing, eating well etc. are good hygiene practices. How do these practices save money? Less money on doctor visit co-pays, medicine and gas going to various appointments. You get the point.

25. Consider non-peak / off hours. Once the stay home orders are lifted, people will be looking for things to do. Remember, places like the movies, and amusement parks offer matinee prices or twilight hours when you can enjoy the facilities at a discounted price.


You can choose at least 1 of these 25 shame free ways to save money on your budget today.

Starting small is just as good as getting started!

Continue to look and look again for more ways to save.

And remember, there’s nothing shameful about saving money.

Be smart and do what’s best for your family.

Until next time.

Happy Reading,



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