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10 Indoor Fun and Educational Activities Your Kids Will Love!

10 Indoor Fun and Educational Activities Your Kids Will Love!

I am thrilled to share these 10 indoor fun and educational activities you can do with your kids.

But, what I am most excited about is encouraging you, to know that even if you don’t consider yourself a “creative person” you can still survive being stuck indoors with your children as you figure out what to do.

Also, just because you find yourself indoors doesn’t mean that you have to entertain your children 24/7.

Giving children time with nothing planned gives them time to use their imagination and creativity to learn how to entertain themselves.

Plainly put, it’s okay if your kids are board at times.

But, when you (or your kids) are ready for a little more structured time here is a list of 10 ideas to give you a jump start.

Also, while we are practicing “social distancing”, it’s a great time to gather some fresh (and some traditional) ideas of activities we can do at home with our kids.

Many of us are also unexpectedly homeschooling our children for the first time and will find that many of these activities can double as fun and educational.

These are all very budget friendly and will give the kids entertainment to help bust the boredom. And keep the learning going!


Whether you are baking from scratch or using pre-made recipes baking is always a big hit.

It’s fun, messy and yummy.

Measuring, reading, sequence of events there is so much math and science involved with baking. Your kiddos will never want to skip this class.


I know this one goes without saying.

No indoor time with kids goes without some form of arts and crafts.

HERE is a great site with loads of arts and crafts ideas to keep your kids creativity thriving.

Another classic busy activity is play-dough.

Store brought play-dough is cheap and will keep kids busy

Or, you can try making your own D.I.Y. play-dough

Stocking up on craft materials, recycled materials, or usable household items is great for creating crafty projects while at home too.


Puzzles are traditional fun and educational learning for all ages.

From as young as age 2 and up puzzles will keep children’s minds engaged and using critical thinking skills without even realizing it.

Don’t worry if your child loves doing the same puzzle over and over again. “Puzzle work” actually improves brain cells, improves mental speed and increase short term memory!


It is recommended to start planting indoor seedlings about 6 weeks before the last frost in your area.

Using the The Old Farmers Almanac is the perfect resource to help guide you on all things planting nationally and locally to you.

Children love the process of digging in dirt and having a good reason to get their hands dirty.

Children also appear really fascinated with the process of growing vegetables from the seeds and watching them grow!

This is definitely science at it’s finest!


Games in general are really fun and can bring the whole family together.

Board games, card games, or games like charades are full of strategizing, and creativity.

When stuck indoors, it’s the perfect time to pull out all those board games that’s been stuffed away. (Hopefully all the pieces are still there)


You don’t have to be a scientist to do science projects with your kids at home.

Any science project you find will come with instructions to follow and some type of coordinating lesson to go along with it.

There is almost nothing you can not Google online if you get stuck in the process.

But science projects are really fun and educational from start to finish.

Check out Parent Teach Play for 11 science projects ideas to get you started.

Hands on learning is an exciting way to get kids involved in science in a more gentle approach.

It is much less intimidating when children are able to build up confidence by playing a participating role in a science project.


It’s always a great time for reading.

But, to try and spice things up a bit maybe gathering relevant books for the change of season, current events, upcoming holiday, or new interest of your children will help renew their love for reading.

To make your child’s reading experience more rewarding, reading to your child is a great alternative.

I even read devotionals out load to my teens.

No matter how young or old your children are they will enjoy being read to.

Take advantage of the extra time of being at home and read something good with your child.


Youtube is a great resource for finding free children’s workout videos.

If you’re looking for ways to stay active indoors you can also just play your favorite music and give the kids space and time to dance.

Research shows that exercise is good for the brain.

And anything that helps improve the brain ultimately improves learning.

So keep’em moving!


A “real” movie day consists of popcorn and snacks. Snuggled up with a cozy blanket with the family watching a movie that everyone (for the most part) can enjoy.

But, to add an educational spin on a movie night here is a suggested list of the 10 Best Educational Youtube Channels for Kids.


Having your children document their day, an experience, or current life event is something they will appreciate years to come.

Wether it’s journaling to classical music.

Or, printing out photos to create a memory book.

Building some type of keepsake is great to do while indoors and can be continued all year round.



Do you want to boost confidence in your child?

Do you want to set an achievable goal that your child will have fun reaching?

Then having a project for them to build is an excellent idea.

Lego, nails and wood, or D.I.Y. projects all make for great building loaded with mental engagement that will keep the kids busy.

Your kids will be able to put all their math, planning and design skills to work!


We talk to our children all the time, right?

Well what better time to talk more intentionally to your children that when you are stuck indoors?

Bad weather, a tight budget, or a worldwide pandemic may cause us to slow down and stay home much more than we were anticipating.

And apart from all the activities and ways we are trying to entertain our children the most important thing we can do is talk with our children.

Find out how they are feeling. Are they scared, worried, discouraged etc.?

You could also take this time to teach them of other times in history when monumental things happened.

Or plan ideas of things you all will like to do once you are able to get back to your family’s normal or new normal way of living.

Having these conversations are a major key to stay connected with our children during uncommon times.

It’s also good to give your children an ear to vent and receive reassurance from you.

As parents, more time indoors with our families give us more time to think about how and on what are we spending the time we do have.

It gives us time to reconsider what’s truly important.

What will matter most in crisis times.

And a great sense of appreciation for our family, loved ones and daily freedoms that can sometimes be taken for granted.

Let’s not be weighed down when situations have us at home, but let’s try to make the best of them.

And creatively love our kids a little more with some of these 10 activities you can try while at home with your kids.

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Until next time.

Happy reading,



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